About Bergen
Bergen for Industry is a leading company in the Egyptian market for with its flagship famous & strong after sales support. The company is labeled by:
- High quality diversified products.
- Customers satisfaction
- After Sales Services

Since our establishment, we have reached high targets and supplied our dispensers to multinational companies and hotels.
Our goal for the coming years is looped around the following:
Becoming the most admired leader in our local market & reach regional markets.
Exporting our brand name outside Egypt targeting African and European countries.
Enjoying a good reputable name in the local market due to the enduring quality of our products & after sales services made us hope for expending our maintenance

service in every household/enterprise by maintaing our Motto in the Egyptian market:
"Bergen = Quality for lifetime"
Is our number one priority

About our Company
Bergen for Industry was established in 2000 and succeeded in becoming the leader company in the eco-friendly business of the 21st century of home appliance
The company deals in 3 areas of specialization:
Products: Sale of Water Dispensers (coolers), we are the only manufacture of Water Dispensers (Coolers) in Egypt.
Later on, the business carried a diverse line of appliances for differentiation & to convene with the market needs including washing machines, purifying air coolers, heaters and ice makers Services: we provide our own after sales services on any of the above products.
Maintenance and repair services for any home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators /freezers and heaters.

Products/Service Overview
We offer our customers a wide expertise in the industry via several products & services such as appliance products & repair/maintenance services.

Our products: we pride ourselves by:
Our 25 various models of water dispensers with diversified features all assembled in Egypt with either Korean or Chinese components.
We mostly provide all types of water dispensers; Hot & Cold, with/without refrigerators and with water bottles on the top or directly connected to any water source. Customized coolers with Ozone purification.
Our Services: Appliances are complex, tricky contraptions that are not always easily fixed by a regular handy-man. You can trust the professionals at Bergen services to fix your appliance properly and promptly, giving you peace of mind every time!

We provide 2 types of repair services:
Households Services (maintenance)
Corporate Services (contract based or Ad-hoc)
Our Maintenance service: Being an experienced service provider in this field, we offer yearly agreements for: Companies, institutions, universities & banks that need a regular maintenance for refrigerators, dispensers, freezers and any related products.

Providing a regular maintenance to your appliances:
Will improve the efficiency of your refrigeration unit, Reduce operating costs Extend the life expectancy of your asset.
Reduce downtime& out of service annoyments.
Thus this standard maintenance will avoid the hassle of any machine going down for an extended period. Contacting our customer service representatives who answer your repair call, to our technicians who come to your home, you’ll be treated with respect, courtesy and fairness. What makes us unique is that we stand behind our satisfaction promise by being the only agile appliance repair companies to offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Quality Assurance
Our company understands the need for purification and to ensure that every family who trusted our products and brand name has the right in getting a clean refreshing glass of water. That's why we don’t only focus on the appearance of our products and providing attractive looks and shapes we also focus on the inside (components) as well.
Our main components are:
High Quality Filters
Korean Compressors
100 % Stainless Steel Tanks with:
Healthy effective water warming
Freon R – 134 A , environmental friendly
Along with our repair/maintenance service we provide Top notch spare parts that enhances the performance of the machines

Motivated by our team professionalism, our focus is on the quality of our work, it’s imperative for us to make sure that our workforce delivers the best possible service every time. Our well trained staffs are well taught to the latest technological development of the market in order to provide best advice to the clients.
We ensure that the technicians that we supply for you have been working with professional equipments of all ranges.
Thus if you want to enjoy a peace of mind & don’t bother the hassle of repairing things; our regular maintenance service will protect your appliances from costly repairs and unnecessary expenses. The company will mainly provide in-house staff that is properly trained to deliver repairs that go directly to customers’ homes, companies, super markets or kiosks to repair the damaged machine. We are available 6 days a week, 8 hrs a day, free call support, comprehensive coverage to all governorates, authorized service technicians, will repair your appliance.
Our products are mainly backed with 1 year guarantee from the purchasing date. Customers are fully supported by our regular 60 days warranty on labor and 1 year on parts.
Over the years, we have successfully gained the satisfaction of our clients by offering them a worry free products & maintenance services.
Our services are widely appreciated by our customers for their efficiency & we offer these services in economical manner. Thus we offer these products/services with the help of our own vehicles.
Being in the market for 14 years, made us become a widespread brand across Egypt; our target was to reach each & every household in all Egypt governorates & succeeded to reach many such as Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurgada, Luxor & Aswan….etc

Our customers are very diversified and can be classified as: public sector institutions, big well known super markets, wholesalers, multinational organizations and hotels.
Sample of Our Customers like the following:

Public sector institutions:
Bureau of Petro-Gas
Central Bank of Egypt
National Bank of Egypt
Investment comity of Egypt
Most of the public & private universities

Grand Supermarkets:

Grand Appliances Retailers:
Olympic Group (co-branding)
Omar Afandi
El Taw-heed we el Nour

Big organizations:
Nestle Water (co-branding)
Coca-Cola Egypt
Orascom Group
Koldair (Olympic group)

Big Hotels:
Hilton Hotels
Iberotel groups
Grand Rotana Hotel
Four Seasons
Fairmont Groups
Coral Sea Village
Saint Stefano Alexandria
Marriot Taba
Hyatt Regency

Future Goals
Our future aspiration is to let the world know about our products outside Egypt and build customers' awareness of our brand name "Bergen" worldwide. Eventually, our targeted market will include "Africa, Middle East and Europe".
Besides, our parallel plan is a wide spread in Egypt; we focus now on being in every household, office and public institution. We are a growing company that has a lot of potential inside and outside Egypt and we are looking forward to realize it with the shared collective effort of our employees & partners.